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USA Immigration Legal Assistance

Attorney Payman Zargari of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California is experienced in USA Immigration law.

USA Immigration Lawyer Payman Zargari can help you achieve your immigration goals - whether it is

  • to obtain an investor visa (EB-5 Visa) or another type of employment-based visa (also known as EB visa),
  • to work in the USA through a temporary non-immigrant visa,
  • to study in the USA through a student visa, or
  • to obtain authorization to visit the USA on business.

USA immigration Lawyer Payman Zargari can also help you with the process of obtaining a green card and even a US Citizenship.

Employment-Based USA Immigration

Did you know that you can obtain an employment-based visa and gain immigrant status in the US? There are five types of USA employment-based visas: EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, and EB-5. If you have considerable money to invest, you can obtain an investor visa (EB-5 visa) and gain immigrant status.

Learn more about the USA Immigrant Visa

Temporary Working, Non-Immigrant Visa

If an employer based in the USA wishes to recruit you, you can obtain a temporary working visa and gain non-immigrant status. A non-immigrant visa may be your first step to USA immigration.

Learn more about the USA Non-Immigrant Visa

Green Card and USA Citizenship

Already working and living in the US? Take the next step and apply for permanent resident status (green card) or US citizenship.

Learn about obtaining a Green Card or US Citizenship

USA Immigration Assistance

Start living the American dream. Contact us to inquire about our USA immigration consultation and visa assistance services.

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